Benchtop HQd Meter, Hach

Supplier: Hach
HQ430D 8507000 HQ411D 8507000 8506050 8507600 HQ430D HQ440D 8507600 HQ440D HQ411D
CA89174-060EA 20233.2 CAD
89174-010 CA89174-060 89174-008 89174-060 10146-096 89174-062 CA11028-128 89174-012 CA89174-062 CA89174-012 CA11028-132
Benchtop HQd Meter, Hach
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
Designed for water quality experts, the Hach HQd benchtop meter is an advanced laboratory meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements.

  • For testing water quality
  • Advanced laboratory meter
  • Intuitive user interface

HQd meters connect with smart probes that automatically recognize the testing parameter, calibration history, and method settings to minimize errors and setup time.

All benchtop HQd meters provide an intuitive user interface for simple operation and accurate results, while guided calibration and check standard routines reduce calibration errors. All calibrations are stored in the IntelliCAL smart probes, and calibration history allows quick and easy change out of probes without re-calibrating. Stabilization alerts and visual measurement lock additionally ensure that you can trust in the accuracy of the results.

The ultra-bright screen and large font provide easy to read results for enhanced productivity. Internal USB ports simplify data transfer, peripherals, software updates and connection to PCs printer and keyboards.

The advanced benchtop meter is designed to withstand years of continuous lab use.

Certifications: CE.WEEE.

Ordering information: The HQ440d Benchtop Meter has two electrode connector ports. All other Benchtop HQd Meters have one electrode connector port.
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