SpillSolv® Laboratory Spill Kits, MilliporeSigma

Supplier: MilliporeSigma

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CASX1310-1EA 866.21 CAD
CASX1310-1 EM-SX1310-1 EM-SX1300-1 CADSX1330R-1 EM-SX1350-1 CASX1340R-1 EMD-SX1340R-1 EM-SX1310-10 CASX1320R-1 EMD-SX1300R-1 CASX1300-1 CASX1350-1 CASX1310-10 EMD-SX1320R-1 CASX1330-1 EMD-SX1310R-1 CASX1300R-1 CASX1320-1 EM-SX1320-1 EM-SX1340-1 CASX1310R-1 CASX1340-1 EMD-SX1330R-1
SpillSolv® Laboratory Spill Kits, MilliporeSigma
Spill Control Materials
For safe, easy, effective spill treatment in the laboratory

  • Agents are formulated to rapidly clean up chemical spills and vapors
  • Each bottle has a convenient dispensing cap for shaking or pouring

Caustics and acids are converted into nonhazardous compounds that meet EPA specifications for nonhazardous waste, simplifying cleanup and disposal. Solvent spills can be easily treated and transported with the absorbent in the solvent spill kit. This absorbent will also act as a vapor suppressant. The formaldehyde spill kit contains a two-part neutralization and immobilization system that effectively neutralizes formaldehyde solution spills. The multipurpose kit can treat up to a 4L (1.1gal.) solvent spill or a 2.5L (0.7gal.) acid and caustic spill. The mercury spill kit controls mercury spills in minutes using a simple, two-step procedure. Also included is a mercury vapor suppressant absorbent which is ideally suited to penetrate inaccessible areas such as cracks and crevices.

SpillSolv® kits are available for acid, caustic, solvent, formaldehyde, or mercury spills. Also available is a multipurpose spill kit that contains spill response materials for a combination of spills.

Ordering information: Packaged in a lightweight, wall mountable kit that can be brought to the spill. The acid, caustic, and solvent kits each contain six bottles of SpillSolv® agent formulated for the type of spill. The multipurpose kit contains two containers of each of the three spill agents. The formaldehyde kit contains one 200g (7oz.) bottle of formaldehyde absorbent and immobilizer powder, six 950mL (32.1oz.) bottles of formaldehyde neutralization concentrate (base), and six 50mL (1.7oz.) bottles of formaldehyde neutralization concentrate activator. The mercury kit contains one bottle each of immobilizer and vapor suppressant.

Each kit includes goggles, gloves, disposal bags, scoops, sponge, and guide. The mercury spill kit also includes syringes and Tyvek® booties. The formaldehyde spill kit also includes spray heads. Purchase EM-SX1300S-1 to replace the standard accessories set, and EM-SX1340S-1 to replace the formaldehyde accessories set.
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