VWR® Premoistened Cleanroom Wipers

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VWR® Clean-Wipes™
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VWR® Premoistened Cleanroom Wipers
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Premoistened wipers are designed for environmentally sensitive areas, and are ideal for wiping optical parts, delicate glassware, electrodes, cuvettes, microscopes, and lenses.

  • Strong, non-woven cellulose/polyester blend
  • Soft and lint-free
  • Premoistened or dry
  • For use in environmentally sensitive applications

Wipers are available premoistened with 70% reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol and 30% reagent-grade deionized water, 100% pure reagent-grade deionized water, or an eyeglass cleaning solution.

Strong, nonwoven cellulose/polyester wipers are soft, lint-free, and will not scratch surfaces. Wipers measure 15.2×22.9 cm (6×9") and are individually dispensed in a handy polyethylene canister. Unique opening allows easy removal of wipers. Snap-on sealed top helps eliminate contamination. Do not use wipes on skin.

They are also available dry. Dry wipers may be used with any liquid by simply adding 236.6 mL (8 oz.) of the liquid to the wiper canister.

Packaging: Wipes are supplied in a shrink-wrapped polyethylene canister, with 100 wipes per canister.
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