VWR® Flat Mops

Supplier: Avantor
FM720-14 MZFM7-18 MZFM7-9 MZFM7-14
68400-760CS 1278.76 CAD
68400-760 94023-754 68400-764 68400-762
VWR® Flat Mops
These brick-style, flat sponge mop heads are excellent for applying disinfectant in pharmaceutical production or aseptic processing applications.

  • Autoclavable
  • Easily clean large surfaces
  • Heavy-duty construction offers additional resistance to textured floors and aggressive cleaning methods

Fully padded mop heads can be laundered, autoclaved, and reused several times.

Ideal for cleaning large surface areas as well as reaching shelving, doorjambs, and corners.

Mop heads feature heavy-duty construction with PolyTex™ textured polyester material, PolyTex™ material combined with MegaTex™ textured non-woven polyamide fabric strip, or PolyTex™ material combined with microfiber fabric strip. PolyTex™/MegaTex™ mop heads offer additional resistance to textured floors and more aggressive action for spills and heavy soils. PolyTex™/microfiber mop heads allow faster pick up of moisture in standard clean/disinfect applications such as hospitals and animal labs.

Ordering information: All components must be purchased separately. An electropolished stainless steel quick-disconnect adapter is required to attach mop head to an electropolished stainless steel extension handle. For adapters and handles, contact your VWR representative.
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