Chisso Filter Cartridges

Supplier: Chisso
CP-01 28X64X254 BM-07 CP-05-S CP-II-10 CP-II-50 CP-05-W CP-II-75 CP-150-S CP-200-2 CP-125-S CP-B-25 CP-50-S CP-150-W CP-B-10 CP-B-5 CP-100-S CP-75-W CP-50-W CP-75-S CP2-25
MFLX15958-53EA 19.21 CAD
MFLX15958-53 MFLX15958-54 MFLX15958-43 MFLX15958-55 MFLX15958-44 MFLX15958-56 MFLX15958-45 MFLX15958-46 MFLX15958-57 MFLX15958-58 MFLX15958-47 MFLX15958-48 MFLX15958-59 MFLX15958-49 MFLX15958-60 MFLX15958-61 MFLX15958-50 MFLX15958-62 MFLX15958-51 MFLX15958-52
Chisso Filter Cartridges
Filters Filter Cartridges
Range of Pleated and Non Pleated Depth filter cartridges from Chisso, come with options of various MOCs..

  • Paint Shops
  • Pre-Paint Filling
  • Thinner Filtration
  • Ink Filtration
  • Solvent and Surfactant Filtration
  • DI Water Filtration

Chisso fibre expertise and rigid technology delivers clear benefits due to the bonded nodes, fine fibre diameter and uniform or graded porosity which form a highly porous, rigid structure, capable of removing over-sized contaminants, agglomerates and deformable gels whilst allowing non-defect causing particles to pass through without stripping or premature filter blockage.

These innovations enable consistent filtration results throughout filter life. They facilitate critical and challenging processes such as gel removal and classification filtration - removal of large defect causing particles and agglomerates without stripping small, acceptable or desired particles such as pigments or slurries as well as assuring consistency in all filtration applications.
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