Ward's OneRack

Supplier: VWR International
120818W 120817W
470330-002EA 69.85 CAD
470330-002 470330-004
Ward's OneRack
Racks Tube Racks
The most flexible tube rack designed for use with a multitude of tube diameters and heights.

  • Interchangeable inserts accommodate multiple sized tubes
  • Inserts can be pivoted as needed
  • Open design allows visibility of tube graduations when filling
  • Teardrop shaped wells allow better retention of tubes

The Ward's® OneRack and its interchangeable shelves can accommodate virtually any brand tube (10 to 30 mm) from 5 to 50 ml volume, even if they have varying heights. Inserts can be pivoted in either an upper or lower position to securely accommodate the size and height of tube being used.
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