Adjustable Burner Stand and Accessory Kit

470323-218EA 26.8 CAD
Adjustable Burner Stand and Accessory Kit
This burner stand has an adjustable platform to hold a burner anywhere from as little as 1" to nearly 6" from the top of the stand.

  • Adjustable platform
  • 6" high and 4.5" across
  • Built-in triangle to hold crucibles and evaporating dishes

This burner stand has an adjustable placement plate to hold an alcohol lamp or butane burner to the perfect height for every experiment. The plate can be adjusted from as little as 1" from the top all the way down, and slides right off, giving the full 6" space. Easy, one-handed operation allows users to simply press the clip and move the platform.

The ring portion of the stand features a built-in triangle that holds up crucibles, evaporating dishes, and other accessories of various sizes. The legs and adjustable platform are removable for easy storage. Stand measures 6" high, and 4.5" wide at the top (nearly 5" at the bottom of the legs).

Accessories information: The accessory kit includes a wire gauze pad, evaporating dish holder, and a set of three clay triangles for 60, 70, and 80 mm crucibles.
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