Boreal C-SCOPE Compound Microscopes

Supplier: VWR International
1100100403313 1100600100796  1100600100834 1100600100691 1100100403352
470231-462EA 1767.55 CAD
470231-462 470231-466 470231-470 470231-468 470231-464
Boreal C-SCOPE Compound Microscopes
A robust microscope that provides crisp and clear visual and digital results!

  • Infinity optics
  • Plan lead-free objectives
  • Rackless mechanical stage
  • Custom camera packages available for Trinocular model

The new Boreal C-SCOPE models are setting a new standard in microscope performance through improvements both in optical and mechanical features. Designed to be used in educational life science, medical and a variety of biological applications, these new microscopes are built around Boreal's complete understanding of the daily demands placed on a standard educational microscope.

Student proof features together with Infinity Plan optics provide fully corrected, repeatable, quality images.

Ordering information: The camera packages for microscope 470231-464 are sold separately and include everything needed to connect to the microscope.
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