EZwaste® UN/DOT 60 L Closed System for HPLC Solvent Waste, HDPE Disposable Container, Foxx Life Sciences

Supplier: Foxx Life Sciences
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EZwaste® UN/DOT 60 L Closed System for HPLC Solvent Waste, HDPE Disposable Container, Foxx Life Sciences
Filters Liquid Process Filters
This 60 L system allows for the safe and effective collection of waste in the laboratory. The safety and ease of use for laboratory technicians is a high priority. The closed-loop design prevents inhalation of volatile organic componds.

  • Traps volatile organic compunds, providing a safe working environment for laboratory technicians
  • Closed-loop design allows for the capture of vapor waste
  • 70 mm VersaCap® with 60 L drum adapter included

The EZwaste® Solvent Waste System is designed to be an affordable solution for containing liquid chromatography waste.

Tube fittings secure waste tubes to carboy, providing the closed system necessary to prevent spills (plugs included for unused ports). A 90° adapter is included for maximum storage flexibility. A replaceable sulfur cured EPDM gasket is included for high chemical compatibility against aggressive organic solvents.

Each system is manufactured to safely collect waste from up to two HPLC machines. This system features an activated carbon filter, which traps volatile organic compounds from being released into the air. This prevents chemicals from being inhaled by lab workers, and provides an easy mechanism of disposal for vapor wastes. The EZwaste® Solvent Waste System also features a closed-loop design, which protects against leaks and spills, improving overall lab safety. It comes with an 70 mm open VersaCap® with drum adapter, fittings, plugs for unused ports, and a chemical exhaust filter. Depending on application, carbon exhaust filter life cycle may vary.
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