EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Insulated Shippers for Refrigerated and Frozen Specimen Shipment, Therapak®

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EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Insulated Shippers for Refrigerated and Frozen Specimen Shipment, Therapak®
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The Therapak® range of insulated shippers features five popular cooler sizes that are inventoried at two locations in the United States in order to provide a maximum three day ground or truck shipment turnaround to any point in the Continental U.S. The two facility approach offers freight economies to Eastern, Central, and Western region shipping points. Warehouses are located in Buford, Georgia and Claremont, California.

  • Most frequently purchased insulated cooler sizes will meet virtually all requirements
  • Ideal insulated shipper sizes for reference labs, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and clinical testing labs that ship and receive temperature sensitive specimens
  • Wall thickness insulation ranges from 1" to 2" depending on cooler
  • Order coolers alone, with shipper boxes, or with shipper boxes and labeling
  • Pricing based on volume and bulk shipping options

Insulated shippers are available in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes as detailed below

Thermal Testing (Insulated Shipper Size Quantity of 5 mL Vials Dry Ice Capacity Frozen Duration):
Small: 12, 7.6 lbs., 24–28 hours
Medium: 24, 14 lbs., 36–48 hours
Large: 42, 25 lbs., 48–54 hours

The extra-small cooler will hold up to two cold packs for a small refrigerated specimen shipment. The small cooler is the most popular size for routine specimen shipments of cold or frozen specimens in clinical trials studies. The small cooler can also accommodate one standard 2" or 3" cryostorage box. This is primarily an overnight shipping system for a single patient set of specimen tubes. The medium cooler will hold up to two standard 2" or 3" cryostorage boxes. The medium cooler is also ideal for shipping up to five small specimen bags of sample tubes for clinical trial site shipments to a laboratory. The large cooler will hold up to 25 pounds of dry ice, making it suitable for applications that involve frozen transport up to 72 hours. The large cooler may also be used for overnight shipments of multiple patient specimen packages where dry ice capacity may be reduced to accommodate more specimen bags or crystorage boxes.

Performance data is based on in-house thermal testing of the three most widely used sizes, indicated the following results:

Delivery information: All insulated shippers (includes EPS cooler and corrugated shipping box) are sold individually, in Best Pack quantities, or in bulk palletized quantities. Best Pack quantities offer the lowest shipping rates per insulated shipper based on standard ground shipments via FedEx ground, UPS ground, and other common carriers. Ordering in Best Pack quantities or multiples thereof will minimize freight rates.

Caution: Important: Please note that all suggested use comments are estimates based on historical experiences with these shipping systems. Therapak® will not guarantee performance of any shipping system. Customers are encouraged to perform test validations for all shipping applications prior to accepting the standard risks associated with shipping temperature sensitive materials that are out of Therapak®'s immediate control.
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