Jackson Improved Tracheostomy Tube, 4-Piece Set, OR Grade, Sklar

Supplier: Sklar
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Jackson Improved Tracheostomy Tube, 4-Piece Set, OR Grade, Sklar
Sklar's Jackson Improved Style Tracheostomy four piece set.

The Jackson improved style features a small nub locking mechanism on the faceplate that works with a rotating lock on the inner cannula to secure it in place. A portion of the rotating lock is also cross-serrated so it can be gripped firmly and securely removed.

The obturator and cannulas work together to ensure that patients can breathe properly following a tracheal incision. The adaptor is utilized when items such as additional tubing, resusitation, or nebulizing devices are required. The outer cannula is the part of the device which keeps the actual incision in the neck open.

The improved style inner cannula does not have "wings." It is removed from the outer cannula by simply grasping the rotating lock and unlocking, which can easily be done because it is not flush with the faceplate, as is the top of the inner cannula on the original style device.

The obturator is used to safely and gently place the outer cannula into the incision and into the trachea. The neck plate, which is attached to the outer cannula, is where the side slots are located for tying or strapping the tube around the patient's neck for stability. Once the outer cannula is secured, the obturator is removed and the inner cannula is inserted.

Delivery information: Consists of one obturator, an inner cannula, an outer cannula, and a second inner cannula with a 15 mm adaptor attached.
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