Humidified Incubators, 7003 Series, Caron Products

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Humidified Incubators, 7003 Series, Caron Products
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Caron’s Heated and Humidified Incubators are ideal for a wide range of applications that require precise control of above ambient conditions, such as biological culture testing and environmental studies.

These incubators offer more than typical competitive units - they offer best in class customer friendly features, are consistently reliable and are energy efficient. Common applications include: clinical/bacteriology studies, environmental testing, accelerated testing of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biological products, elevated temperature/humidity studies, industrial testing, coating and adhesive tests, electronics testing and more. The 25 ft3 (708 l) and 33 ft3 (934 l) units come standard with swivel locking casters and leveling feet, which aid in installation and relocation. 10 ft3 (283 l) models are stackable or can fit on a benchtop.

Our large variety of optional accessories allows you to easily choose the options you need for your application. Caron also offers a broad array of optional factory direct services to support your facility needs. Our validation services provide complete mapping and performance certification to satisfy FDA guidelines for qualification verification of equipment.

Heated Only and Heated/Humidified Incubators: This product line is designed to provide accurate temperature control for studies requiring 10 °C above ambient to 70 °C. Additionally, the 7003 Humidified models provide ambient to 98% RH controls.

Ordering information: Accessories available separately.
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