Cimarec+™ Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
SP88854100 SP88857100 SP88857104 SP88850100
10791-584EA 1392.49 CAD
10791-584 10791-522 10791-588 10790-820
Cimarec+™ Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stirrers Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers
The Thermo Scientific Cimarec+™ series of digital magnetic hotplate stirrers are designed to provide precise stirring control, exceptional safety, and temperature performance for routine protocols

All units offer digital displays of rpm and temperature, with the sole exception of the 10.7x10.7cm (4¼x4¼") magnetic hotplate stirrer model which only displays temperature due to its overall small size. Patented StirTrac™ technology provides innovative engineering for slow-speed stirring, consistent speed control, and strong magnetic coupling. Temperature is adjustable in 1° increments. The HOT TOP warning system is a standard feature, and is designed to protect users from accidental burns. The HOT TOP feature provides a prominent display when heating surface is above 50 °C (122 °F), even when unit is shut off (as long as the unit remains plugged in). The Cimarec+™ series also features automatic over-temperature protection, and a raised display designed to protect electronics from spills. Units include one magnetic stirring bar. Optional temperature probes and splash guard protection shields are available separately.

Corresponding magnetic stirrers (stirring only 10790-818, 10790-832 and 10791-582) or hotplates (heating only 10790-820, 10791-580 and 10791-586) with ceramic plates are also available. Full specification details are given under separate entries, please view full details by searching for the relevant product code.

Certifications: cCSAus.

Ordering information: Units include a three-year warranty, with no-hassle replacement and no servicing.
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