PHCbi Cell IQ™ CO₂ Incubator with Optional H₂O₂ Vapor Decontamination, PHC Corporation

Supplier: PHC Corporation

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PHCbi Cell IQ™ CO₂ Incubator with Optional H₂O₂ Vapor Decontamination, PHC Corporation
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The PHCbi Brand CO2 incubator design and touchscreen panel deliver exceptional ease of use, effortless cleaning and maintenance as well as outstanding performance with multi-level contamination control.

  • Precise and repeatable
  • Time saving
  • InCu-saFe® germicidal interior
  • Direct heat and air jacket system
  • Rapid CO2 density recovery
  • Electric door lock with password is standard on UVHL models, and available as an option for UVL units
  • Dual IR CO2 sensor
  • UVHL models have a H2O2 decontamination board

The patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket system works with the IR2 sensor to provide precise temperature and CO2 levels, respectively

A color LCD touchscreen delivers full control, even with gloved hands, while a standard USB port makes log data transfer to PC convenient. The CO2 incubator offers integrated shelf channels with minimal parts for easy cleaning. All models have InCu-saFe copper-enriched stainless steel alloy chambers which offers the germicidal properties of elemental copper without corrosion or discoloration. Isolated UV lamp decontaminates circulated air and the humidity water reservoir without harming the cultured cells. Control panel interface allows for easy programming of temperature, CO2, and other internal conditions of the incubator.

Accurate temperature levels are maintained by the Direct Heat and Air Jacket system which functions under microprocessor control. Proprietary IR2 sensor achieves ultrafast CO2 recovery without overshoot, even following multiple door openings. InCu-saFe and SafeCell UV function together to control contamination. Optional high speed decontamination system uses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) vapor to safely clean the chamber in less than three hours while providing 100% kill rate with at least a six log reduction of major contaminants.

Ordering information: All units are supplied with a three-year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty. For available options such as the decon system, contact your VWR representative.

Delivery information: Supplied as standard with 4 shelves (max. 10).
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