VWR® Vacuum Filtration Systems featuring Pall Membranes

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VWR® Vacuum Filtration Systems featuring Pall Membranes
Filters Bottle Top Filters
VWR® Vacuum Filtration Systems are designed for the preparation of buffers, tissue culture media, microbiological media, and other biological fluids.

  • For the preparation of biological fluids
  • Feature Pall membranes
  • Compatible with the quick-connect vacuum pedestal for use with existing laboratory stands

They feature large diameter Pall membranes for guaranteed performance and maximum throughput.

The centrifuge tube filtration system includes a filter funnel, 15 or 50 ml centrifuge tube with polypropylene screw cap, and vacuum hose adapter. The system is designed to allow the user to filter fluids directly into the tube, eliminating the potential for contamination and spills during post-sterilization transfer. The bottle-top filtration system includes a receiver bottle with an ergonomic shape, molded finger grips, and a patented bottle cap.

All systems are compatible with the quick-connect vacuum pedestal, vacuum adapter (included), and cradle ring for use with existing laboratory stands. All three options allow for a convenient one-time vacuum hose connection, and one-handed operation. All items are available with 0.1 µm (Mycoplasma filtering grade), 0.2 µm (sterilizing grade) or 0.45 µm (clarification grade) asymmetric PES membranes. All items are made from Class VI materials, and are conveniently sold gamma sterilized.

Ordering information: Vacuum filtration pedestal and vacuum filtration cradle ring are sold separately.
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