Photochemistry Immersion Lamps, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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89084-190EA 2474.19 CAD
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Photochemistry Immersion Lamps, Ace Glass Incorporated
Lights Mercury Lamps
Medium pressure, quartz, mercury-vapor lamp

For use in all Ace Glass immersion wells. 61 cm PTFE covered lead wires, fitted with pin type connectors. A six-foot power cord also allows for lowering the lamp into the well for vertical operation. Approximately 40 to 48% of the radiated energy is in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum; 40 to 43% in the visible region; and the balance in the infrared. Can be inserted into a glass well/sleeve with a 25 mm I.D

Ordering information: CAUTION–Ultra-violet radiation is permanently damaging to the retina of the eye. Never operate this lamp where it can be viewed directly; we recommend using this lamp with a safety cabinet and Water-Flo Power Cut-Off for safest operation. Contact your VWR representative for details, and for warranty information. See literature for detailed spectral characteristics. For replacement cord, order 89075-442.
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