BinLiners and BinLiner Stands, Micronova

Supplier: Micronova
M-Zone™ BinLiners™
BL2-40TRIRB BL4-40TRIRB BL4-4060BB BL2-40TRBB BL2-40TRIR BL4-4060IRBB BL3-4060DBPC BL1-120IRB BL4-40TRIR BL3-8265PC BL2-40TRB
89187-736CS 380.34 CAD
89187-736 75779-990 75838-312 75838-314 89092-152 10753-394 89092-154 89092-156 89402-998 75833-986 89092-158
BinLiners and BinLiner Stands, Micronova
Bags Waste Disposal Bags
The LDPE Micronova BinLiners™ are ideal for the collection and disposal of waste, collection and transportation of parts or raw materials, and storage in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Thickness of 1 to 6 mm available for a variety of applications; including covering equipment, holding production waste, document storage, lining large production totes and so on.

  • Made with FDA compliant material
  • Single seam construction
  • Gusseted base seals for a better fit in rectangular containers
  • Plastic core roll pack and Flat pack options
  • Available in multiple sizes for a wide range of applications
  • Available sterile or non-gamma irradiated

The stainless steel Micronova BinLiner Stands™ are designed to work flawlessly with the BinLiners and similar sized bags. Both varieties of stainless steel stands are autoclavable and resistant to common cleaning solutions and disinfectants.

The unique rectangular stainless steel wire stand includes plastic corners and feet to hold waste and garment disposal type bags/liners. The plastic feet move easily on cleanroom floors without scratching, and eliminate rusting on floors from trash bag holders. Ergonomic side removal of liners simplifies use, compared to vertical removal from standard disposal bins. The corner legs are removable if disassembly is required. Available in a variety of sizes to hold 5 to 55 gallon bags.

The Scissor style stainless steel stand easily folds for storage when not in use. Works best with 40 gallon bags.
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