CGT™ Conductive Grid Tapes, Micronova

Supplier: Micronova
CGT-15 CGT-6 CGT-1 CGT-12 CGT-38
68399-986CS 1964.78 CAD
68399-986 68399-994 68399-988 68399-998 68399-992
CGT™ Conductive Grid Tapes, Micronova
Conductive, anti-static polypropylene tape, specially designed with conductive grids embedded between two anti-static layers, for use on devices in ESD sensitive environments.

  • Heavy-duty, anti-static copolymer tape with acrylic adhesive
  • Manufactured for use in ESD sensitive environments
  • Features a conductive grid embedded between two antistatic layers
  • Conducts charge away from substrate
  • Protects sensitive devices that would be otherwise damaged by normal insulating tape
  • Provides an effective static shield and prevents static buildup
  • Prevents shedding, flaking, cracking, or chipping of the grids
  • 36 yards wound on a 3" plastic core

The Micronova CGT™ Conductive Grid Tape features conductive grids that are embedded between two anti-static layers to provide an effective static shield. This design prevents static build-up, as well as preventing any shedding, flaking, cracking, or chipping of the grids.

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