Cleanroom Vinyl Tapes, CR100PC™, Micronova

Supplier: Micronova
CR100PC-34WH CR100PC-1DG CR100PC-3RE CR100PC-15TR CR100PC-1OR CR100PC-15YE CR100PC-14WH CR100PC-2TR CR100PC-12YE CR100PC-12DG CR100PC-3WH CR100PC-1YE CR100PC-14RE CR100PC-15WH CR100PC-15DB CR100PC-2WH CR100PC-3DG CR100PC-2RE CR100PC-1TR CR100PC-3DB CR100PC-1WH CR100PC-2DB CR100PC-1RE CR100PC-14YE CR100PC-4TR CR100PC-38DG CR100PC-12DB CR100PC-12RE CR100PC-15LB CR100PC-34DG CR100PC-34DB CR100PC-12WH CR100PC-12TR CR100PC-2DG
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Cleanroom Vinyl Tapes, CR100PC™, Micronova
Extremely conformable, vinyl cleanroom tape with synthetic rubber, clean-peel adhesive; ideal for colour coding, sealing and marking on curved and irregular surfaces in cleanroom maintenance and support areas.

  • Clean peel from wafer cartridges and cleanroom work surfaces
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive ensures a clean peel from most cleanroom surfaces such as polyethylene, plastics and stainless steel
  • Matte finish can be written on with a cleanroom pen
  • Ideal for taping and sealing curved and irregular surfaces
  • Special processing and packaging techniques ensure low particles and extractable ion counts for applications in and around the cleanroom
  • Wound on a 76 mm (3") plastic core

Length: 33 m (36 yds.)

Available in a variety of colours and widths.

Certifications: Complies with Federal Specification PPP-T-66E and CID A-A 1689A.
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