PolyMitt™ Cleaning Mitt Wipes, Micronova

Supplier: Micronova
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PolyMitt™ Cleaning Mitt Wipes, Micronova
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These cleaning mitts offer the versatility of a high quality wipe with the convenience and security of a glove. Designed for simplified cleaning around hard to reach areas in the cleanroom.

  • Durable cleaning mitts for simplified cleaning
  • Versatility of a high quality wipe with the convenience and security of a glove
  • Dimensions: 30×20 cm (12×8")
  • For aseptic applications: Available irradiated or can be autoclaved prior to use
  • Available with or without a urethane foam layer
  • Compatible with strong disinfectants
  • Reusable and autoclavable

The Micronova PolyMitt™ Cleaning Mitt Wipes come in one standard size, designed to fit comfortably over a gloved hand, making it easier to clean around carts, shelving, tanks, tubing and other hard to clean areas in the cleanroom.

Available in a range of fabrics for specialized cleaning:
NovaPoly™ - 100% smooth knit polyester provides excellent disinfectant dispersal
PolySorb™ - 100% textured polyester for residue removal and disinfectant dispersal
MegaTe×™ - 100% non-woven polyamide is absorbent with mild abrasive properties
Microfiber™ - 80% polyester, 20% polyamide is highly absorbent and effective wet or dry

Ordering information: For other PolyMitt materials, contact your Avantor sales representative.
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