T-Mop™ Cleanroom Mop Covers, Micronova

Supplier: Micronova
T6-14IR T2-14 QPT-18 TAA-10 T612-14 T6-18IR TAA-14 T11-14 TMC6-14 QPT-14 T612-18 TAW-18 TAA12-14 TAA-18IR T6-14 T6-1858 JZTAA12-18 TAA-18 T20-14 QDST-14 TAA12-18 T612-14IR T1112-14IR QDST-18 T612-18IR QDT-14 T20-18 T6-18 T1-14
94023-880CS 773.66 CAD
94023-880 94000-438 68400-404 89092-132 89092-134 10142-777 89401-702 10125-946 76251-602 94023-878 94023-876 76081-590 68400-398 68400-596 10204-932 68400-396 68400-394 94023-874 68400-854 94023-808 89089-324 68400-408 43300-960 94023-868 76247-298 94023-866 10146-120 43300-964 94023-806
T-Mop™ Cleanroom Mop Covers, Micronova
A series of rounded T-mop covers with snaps that easily roll down walls, as well as clean awkward corners, tight spaces, and under equipment. Available in a range of fabrics for specialized cleaning.

  • Low profile, rounded covered sponges
  • Excellent on all room surfaces and equipment exteriors
  • Easily fits in awkward corners, tight spaces, and under equipment
  • Autoclavable
  • Holds up to strong disinfectants

Selection of fabrics include:
NovaPoly™ - 100% smooth knit polyester provides excellent disinfectant dispersal
PolySorb™ - 100% textured polyester for removing residues and dispersing disinfectant
MegaTex™ - 100% non-woven polyamide is absorbent with a mildly abrasive surface
Microfiber - 80% polyester, 20% polyamide is highly absorbent and effective wet or dry
PolyMesh™ - 100% polyester with a layer of mesh provides a mild scrubbing surface
NovaLite™ - absorbent synthetic chamois provides a fine clean and finish

The Micronova T-Mop™ Cleanroom Mop Covers fit onto the 180° swivel TMop™ adapter. Available with an optional thicker foam layer to hold more disinfectant and facilitate wringing. TMC6-14 is an elastic single-ply slipcover, a low cost option for smaller areas.

Ordering information: All components must be ordered separately. For additional universal handle lengths, see universal mop handles from Micronova.
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