LyoTool™ Dual Plate Mop Adapter, Micronova

Supplier: Micronova
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LyoTool™ Dual Plate Mop Adapter, Micronova
A dual-plated mop, specially designed to clean the top and bottom of lyophilizer shelves with one pass. The adjustable, compression fit plates ensure even pressure and consistent contact for optimal sanitization. Works well on any variety of equipment shelves spaced 3 to 6" apart.

  • Cleans top and bottom of shelves at the same time
  • Spring loaded plates for consistent pressure up and down
  • Front nose guard prevents extending beyond rack
  • Adjust to match shelf height with a simple twist of the knob
  • Use with SnapMop™ and PocketMop™ series flat head mop covers
  • Smooth NovaPoly™ covers are ideal for dispensing IPA or other sanitizers
  • PolySorb™ and PolyMesh™ covers - residue removal, as well as sanitization
  • Attaches to SSU series stainless steel handles for extended reach
  • Withstands strong disinfectants
  • Autoclavable

The Micronova LyoTool™ Dual Plate Mop Adapter features two acetal compression plates that are adjustable to match the height of the shelves with a simple twist of the knob. Available in two popular sizes for common shelf height; adjustable 3 to 4½" or 4 to 6 inches.
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