Media Bag™ Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB), Hardy Diagnostics

Supplier: Hardy Diagnostics
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Media Bag™ Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB), Hardy Diagnostics
Media for Microbiology Dehydrated Media for Microbiology
Tryptic Soy Broth is recommended for use as a general purpose medium for the isolation and cultivation of a wide variety of bacteria and fungi. The U.S. Pharmacopeia National Formulary (USP) describes its use for media fill testing.

  • Terminally autoclaved for high sterility assurance
  • The Media Bag™ has both a spike-port and needle-port
  • Quality tested to USP Standards
  • Growth promotion testing performed on each lot of media
  • Notch on the top of the Media Bag™ allows the technician to hang the bag

This media is used for validation of aseptic process simulation and technician asceptic technique to verify the efficacy of these techniques.

The self-collapsing flexible bag can be hung to dispense media using the IV (butterfly) port or medication port. For dispensing media by gravitational force, use the IV port. The distal end of the winged IV port is designed to twist off to allow for insertion of a spike to pierce the membrane of the port. Fluid in the path will remain open once the spike is removed. For dispensing media using an 18-gauge needle and syringe, use the medication port. Break the nipple on the mediation port to expose the rubber septum. This port prevents leakage between use so media can be dispensed via syringe.

Can be used independently or as a component of the HardyVal™ Medium-Risk Comprehensive Challenge Kit. Contains 700 ml of Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) in a 1.0 l bag.

Certifications: In accordance with USP 797 requirements for media-fill challenge testing for validation of aseptic process simulation. The media is manufactured in an ISO 13485 facility.

Packaging: 1 l bag with ports.
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