Econo CurtainCleaner™ Tools and Covers, Micronova

Supplier: Micronova
Curtain Cleaner™
ECC11-18IR QDECC-14 ECCAA-14IR ECC6-14 ECC11-14 ECC11-14IR QPECC-18 ECC6-14IR ECCAA-14
89426-178EA 635.84 CAD
89426-178 89426-188 89426-186 89426-184 75845-740 89426-182 89426-180 76102-910 89426-190
Econo CurtainCleaner™ Tools and Covers, Micronova
Clean vinyl strip curtains easily and efficiently with a simple 'tuning fork' style frame that grips the curtain at the top and slides down, effectively cleaning both sides at once. Designed for cleanroom use. Gamma irradiated covers available for aseptic areas.

  • A simple 'tuning fork' style frame with no moving parts
  • Urethane foam interiors hold disinfectant and facilitate wringing
  • Holds up to alcohol and strong disinfectants
  • Launderable for re-use
  • Autoclave safe

Covers available in a choice of fabrics for specialized cleaning:
Microfiber - fine cleaning with 400% absorbency.
NovaPoly™ - smooth knit polyester provide excellent disinfectant dispersal.
PolySorb™ - textured polyester for removing residues and dispersing disinfectant.

With a wide array of launderable covers, the Econo CurtainCleaner™ can be used with alcohol, steam sterilization, and strong disinfectants to maintain industrial, cleanroom, or other critical environment situations.

This Econo CurtainCleaner™ tool features dual 14" bars that grip the curtain at its uppermost connection, and slides down to apply, or squeegee the cleaning agent on both sides of the curtain at once. The QD frame connects to SSU series Quick Disconnect handles; the QP frame connects to the STA series threaded handles.

Ordering information: All components are ordered separately. For additional handle lengths, please contact your local Avantor sales office.
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