EasyPlus™ Titrators, Mettler-Toledo

Supplier: Mettler-Toledo
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89500-408EA 11786.8 CAD
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EasyPlus™ Titrators, Mettler-Toledo
The swiss engineered EasyPlus™ titrator offers a complete package for your routine application. Operation does not get simpler or more intuitive as this, thanks to the smartphone like iTitrate™ user interface and iTitrate™ intelligence.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Smartphone user interface
  • Routine applications

This automatic titrator has been specifically designed for simplicity. New operators are already familiar with the Smartphone like Apps oriented user interface. Start your routine analysis with a LongClick™ on the home screen. The intuitive navigation speaks your language and 14 others. Learning and using a new analytical instrument has never been so easy.

iTitrate Intelligence makes method programming simple with EasySetup guidance. Set only the minimal parameters and the titrator programs the rest, including correct calculations based on desired measurement units. Easy setup equals swift implementation. This automatic titrator achieves simple operation in one moment.

EasyPlus™ Titrators are designed and constructed by our swiss development team according to the highest possible software and hardware standards. Their renowned expertise has made the impossible possible to develop such a high quality instrument with such a small footprint.
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