Blades and Scalpels

Find the answer for your single-use instrument needs with Sklar's selection of disposable blades and scalpels. These instruments feature enhanced safety benefits for you – from protective sheaths that can be used with one hand, to “Click and Lock” safety shields and sturdy “sure-grip” handles.

All blades and scalpels are sterilized to fully comply with current safety regulations for hospitals and surgery centers.

Product Selection

SklarSafe Disposable Safety Scalpels

Feature a movable, protective sheath that can be opened, closed, and locked with a single hand. Sterilized by gamma radiation and packaged in boxes of 10.

Disposable Scalpels

The leading edge in disposable scalpels and available in a range of sizes. Securely and safely packaged in boxes of 10 peel-back pouches.

Carbon Disposable Scalpels

A harder and stronger alternative to stainless steel. Available in a variety of sizes, packaged in heavy foil, 100 per box.

Stainless Steel Disposable Scalpels

Manufactured from premium Sheffield, England stainless steel in a variety of sizes. Packaged in heavy foil, 100 per box.