Safety Equipment

Avantor Safety

Laboratories can be exciting places where a lot of important work is done. But labs can also be dangerous. Nothing that happens in a lab is as important as your health and safety. Avantor helps keep you and your colleagues safe with a complete line of lab safety products and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Safety Disciplines and Workflows

Avantor offers the products, equipment, supplies, and services you need to maintain a lab that is safe for you and your colleagues.

Lab Safety

We can help you maintain a safe, clean lab with a wide range of high-quality absorbents, disposal containers, labeling systems, and other lab safety products.

Manufacturing Personal Protection and Workwear

Everything you need to help protect yourself and your colleagues while you work in your lab. From protective equipment to high quality workwear, Avantor helps keep you healthy and safe.

Facilities Maintenance, Protection, and Hygiene

Avantor carries the top brands in chemical handling, storage, facility maintenance, and waste management products to help you keep your lab clean and safe.