Western Blot

Western Blot detects specific proteins in a complex mixture of proteins extracted from cells or tissues. The three main steps in the workflow are separation by size, transfer to stable support and visualization using appropriate primary and secondary antibodies.

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Pall Laboratory leader in filtration, separation & purification

Specializing in solutions for your analytical, molecular sample prep, sterility testing applications and more, Pall meets critical fluid management needs.

Azure Biosystems - From Transfer to Imaging and Analysis

What’s the most efficient way to do total protein normalization of NIR blots? With the Sapphire™ Biomolecular imager from Azure Biosystems.

Protein Extraction & Sample Prep

Protein Electrophoresis


Probing & Imaging

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UVP ChemStudio™ Gel/Blot Imaging System

The ultimate standard in molecular imaging with an intuitive design and dynamic options.

Biotium Antibody Labeling Kits

Mix-n-Stain Kits make direct antibody conjugation easy. 30s hands-on time, less than 30 min incubation and 100% yield.

Pall Laboratory BioTrace™ NT Nitrocellulose Transfer Membranes

Membranes have a high binding affinity (209µg/cm2) and are ideal for Western blot confirmatory tests.

VWR Power Supplies

Innovative power supplies for nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis applications. Three units to choose from, all featuring a compact design.

IgGy Antibody Selector

Search. Select. Simple. We have the antibody for your specific application needs, with more than 350 antibodies from the suppliers you know and trust.

Lonza ProSieve™ Protein Markers

These markers help monitor the efficiency of protein separation and allow accurate sizing of proteins in a sample.