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Tangential Flow Filtration

Use the recently updated Minimate EVO TFF System and Capsules to streamline laboratory-scale concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange processes in a simple to use plug-n-play benchtop configuration to process samples upto 1 L or more down to as little as 5 ml.

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Stay One Step Ahead with the first Sterile 24-well filter plates, available in two options.

AcroPrep™ 24-well Clarification and Sterile filtration plate

For protein purification workflows, separate and sterile filter proteins from mammalian cell cultures (i.e. CHO or HEK) in one step. 
Reduce time, simplify workflows and increase protein recovery
Includes a depth media + 0.2um sterilizing grade filter to efficiently and quickly process cell densities as high as 25M/mL.

AcroPrep™ 24-well 0.2um Sterile Filter plate

For general sterile filtration workflows, the dual layer 0.65/0.2um Supor® EKV membrane efficiently processing samples and provides a sterile filtrate.

Both plates are compatible with centrifuge or vacuum, include a receiver plate and lid and are individually bagged and gamma irritated.


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Introducing the NAB Nanosep®, the first Universal Nucleic Acid Binding spin filter which can process most workflows in this one device. The NAB Nanosep includes a unique dual layer membrane enabling efficient and high recovery for downstream analysis.

  • Enables recovery from 10,000 down to 50 base pairs
  • Analyzes the widest range of nucleic acid fragments
  • For Total RNA, pDNA, gDNA applications
  • Processes up to 500uL of sample
  • Generates enough sample to allow for multiple downstream testing
  • Supported by a wide range of protocols for mammalian, bacteria, yeast, and plant starting materials (available upon request) 

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Product Selection

Centrifugal Devices

Increase recovery, reduce processing time, reduced aggregation and precipitation while concentrating and/or buffer exchange with your nucleic acids and proteins.

Acroprep Advanced Filter Plates

A wide variety of plates to fit your high throughput needs for genomic and proteomic sample preparation

Tangential Flow Filtration

Easy-to-use system can process sample volumes up to 1L or more and efficiently concentrate samples to as little as 5 mL

Sterile Filtration

Pall Laboratory offers a wide variety of products for your sterile filtration needs for filtration of media, buffers, supplements, samples, or media optimization projects.


Pall Laboratory offers the broadest variety of vent filters for liquid and gaseous laboratory applications


Pall offers a wide variety of membranes that provide high affinity for biomolecules and low background with many detection techniques.


For sterilization or clarification of laboratory fluids. Ideal for cell culture and serum-containing media.