e-Commerce / mobile technology solutions

Our well-established e-Commerce platform continues to be of key strategic importance in the development of customer relationships. Solutions for website, e-procurement, and other electronic applications are under constant review to ensure that we continue to offer a state-of-the art e-Commerce portfolio. Our in-house team of e-Commerce specialists has a wide range of expertise in both laboratory and electronic environments, giving us the ability to react quickly to technological advances and develop custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Our mobile technology solutions deliver speed, convenience, visibility, and cost savings by providing reliable and automated laboratory operational activities – all at your fingertips.

Please contact us if you are interested in specific mobile solutions: solutions@vwr.com.


The laboratory webshop - shopping, budget-control, order tracking and more...

B2B Services

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Inventory Management Software Solutions

Inventory Manager software solutions; an end-to-end management ecosystem that streamlines the replenishment of your lab’s consumables

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VWR SearchPad

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