COVID-19 workplace safety supplies

Safety solutions during COVID-19

Gloves, disinfectants, safety signs, tapes, sanitizing foot mats, printers and labels to keep your workplaces safe during COVID-19.

Exam Gloves

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Social Distancing and Safety Signs

Floor and wall safety signs, for protective measures, hand wash instructions or general information, that have to be put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Floor Marking Systems

Tapes for identifying safe social distances in the work environment.

Tacky Mats and Foot Baths

Sanitizing Foot Mats to prevent contamination.

Printers and Labels

To make your own safety signs or labels with advice specific to your work environment.

Dry Wipes and Mops

To use in conjunction with your cleaning chemicals to help reduce the spread of infection.

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Face Shields, Goggles and Protective Screens

Transparent protective screens to protect your workers from infection.

Disposable Facemasks

Surgical face masks and N95's for different applications

Touch-free Soap Dispensers

Automatic and touch-free, reduce cross contamination. Wall mountable.

Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

Hand soaps and sanitizers for contamination prevention

Cryogenic Personal Protective Equipment

A selection of cryo gloves, cryo aprons, and cryo faceshields, for protection from the hazards of working in and with ultra-cold temperatures down to −160 °C