Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation.  How to best prepare a sample for HPLC analysis?  This is a question we are asked many times and the answer is often, what do you want to achieve?  Your sample preparation is unique to your application from simple filtration to complic

Sample preparation for all kinds of chromatography is highly imporatant.  It is a key step in method development and is sometimes overlooked.  Questions like, How do I concentrate my sample without loss?  Or How do I perform and SPE clean up? And What is the best SPE protocol for my sample? Are all key questions for the HPLC user.

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Syringe Filters

Filtering your samples before placing them in a vial for analysis will keep your system working well and extend column life time. You need to determine the correct membrane, material and pore size for your sample.

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is the key method for sample preparation before HPLC analysis. It enables cleanup and concentration and is greatly.


You need to reduce undissolved particulates in your sample and analyse the supernatant. The use of a centridfuge is a good first step.

Heating and Stirring

For preparation of your samples and your mobile phases, a range or stirring and heating equipment is important.

Measuring Apparatus

To support your chromatography, you need access to reliable pH meters, balances and pipettes. We have a comprehensive range to support your needs.

High Purity Salts and Acids

A reaction step may be required in order to prepare a sample for HPLC. Make sure you use only the highest quality reagents for the best results.

Personal Protection

You need to protect youself and your colleagues when handling chemicals in the lab. Do it properly with a full range of PPE products.