Documented Success in Scientific Services

Avantor Services is proud to support a world of accelerating scientific advancement. That is why we have gathered on this page a collection of case studies we call “Success Stories,” detailing how we have helped customers make lab and production operations more efficient and competitive, and ultimately achieve innovation faster.

Whether it is just one select service from our list of capabilities or a full implementation of our team of analysts and specialists, our two-page Success Stories summarize the results we have delivered and give you a taste of what to expect from working with the Avantor Services team.

Click to read any of the case studies below, or download the PDF version for later reference. Be sure to check back here occasionally - new Success Stories are being added all the time!

Science as a Service

Science as a Service Accelerates Innovation in the Lab of the Future

Our small molecule purification service increased operational efficiency and helped a company focus on patent-generating science.

Histology Services Accelerate Drug Discovery for Biotech Firm

Enabled company to forgo building new lab, estimated saving of $1 million over 10 years.

No Longer Tasked with Cell Bank Management, Scientists Gain Time for Research

Avantor Services has improved a highly sensitive cell biology process…

Integration with Biotech Customer Meets Bulk and Specialty Solution Requests

Consistent and dedicated team allows company scientists to concentrate on R&D work.

Freezer Management Program Delivers Cost Avoidance

Reclaimed 432 hours for scientists and captured $440,000 in process savings.

Scientific Services Enable Biorepository’s Workforce Transformation

Captured cost savings of $300,000 with zero lost service time and productivity.

Chemical Inventory Management

Ensuring Audit Compliance Through Efficient Chemical Inventory Practices

Avantor Services helped a major specialty chemical company's cGMP labs improve audit compliance…

Extending Chemical Inventory Management to Multi-Site System…

Company saved money, time, and storage space by implementing chemical tracking program.

Chemical Tracking Solution Improves Risk Management at Large University

Inventoried 444 labs ahead of schedule and under budget, with minimal disruptions.

Time Lost Supporting CRO in Asia is Recovered for Research

Company saved $46,800 in process savings and $63,400 a day avoiding unnecessary chemical costs.

Inventory Management

Program Recovers Time for Research

Reclaimed 16,077 hours per year and reduced on-hand supplies by 29%.

Streamlining Procurement and Inventory Management…

Standardizing processes saved more than $796,000 in direct labor and inventory costs.

Creating the Ideal University Stockroom

University leaders given five different models with proposed savings of up to $1.1 million.

Lean Inventory Management Program Reduces Costs for Production Environment

Avantor Services reduced the time and expense of managing cleanroom supplies for a medical diagnostics manufacturer…

Inventory System Streamlines Procurement for cGMP Drug Production Facility

$707,000 reduction in excess inventory and recovered 2,900 hours for technician teams.

Saving Time and Reducing Costs through Cost-Efficient Inventory Management

Reduced overstock inventory by $30,450 and recovered 4,373 hours per year for research.

On-Site Services

Cancer Research Center Accelerates Research in the Face of Safety and Compliance Needs

Avantor Services has drastically reduced time needed to manage hazardous materials data…

Media and Buffer Preparation Services Accelerate Scientific Research

Avantor Services media and buffer prep services improve quality of solutions and recover 2,604 hours for pharmaceutical research…

Shipping and Receiving Operation is Overhauled with No Service Interruptions

Average delivery times reduced by 50% over two years with zero downtime.

Lean Process Implementation Streamlines Glassware Service

Overhauled glass-washing processes and saved 250 hours in labor and decreased breakages by half.

Laboratory Process Consulting

Clinical Laboratory Space Optimization

Avantor Services helped a large clinical laboratory maximize the flow of inventory, personnel, and samples…

MarketSource Procurement & Sourcing Services

Realizing Procurement Cost Savings in Tail Spend

Avantor Services assessments across the R&D industry show how a lean procurement strategy can eliminate wasted time...

Centralizing Order Management Improves Response Time, User Experience, and Efficiency

Company revamps its procurement system to improve response time and the internal user experience...

Study Shows Potential to Reduce High R&D Purchase Order Costs

Avantor Services assessments across the R&D industry show how a lean procurement strategy can eliminate wasted time...

Clinical & Biorepository Services

Custom Kit Services Increase Efficiency, Enable Large Central Lab to Expand

Outsourcing arrangement allows a global central lab to free up significant space and expand its biorepository...

Biopharma Company Consolidates CRO Study Assets into One Archive/Repository Solution

The company simplified sample archiving and reduced annual storage spending by 82%...